Welcome to Global Talent Week 2017!

Global Talent Week is where global talents, global employers, and global mobility professionals meet to promote global career opportunities and share global mobility best practices. The first edition was organized in 2011 and had 150 participants. In 2015 over 6000 signed up for the events, and our latest edition was held in the last week of March and the first week of April 2016. Check out our program for the details, and make sure to register to secure your space. We’d be pleased to welcome you there!

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7 Reasons to attend an online career fair

Global Talent Week  (GTW) is held in 2017, and is a unique opportunity for students and professionals to network with some of Nordic’s most attractive companies. Ready to start your next career? Here are seven reasons to attend #GTW2017. 1 GTW2017 is an online career fair with chat and video technology to efficiently and effectively connect […]

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