7 Reasons to attend an online career fair

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Global Talent Week  (GTW) is held in 2017, and is a unique opportunity for students and professionals to network with some of Nordic’s most attractive companies. Ready to start your next career? Here are seven reasons to attend #GTW2017.

1 GTW2017 is an online career fair with chat and video technology to efficiently and effectively connect job seekers with employers. Whether you’re just starting out your career or looking for a new direction, GTW provides an opportunity to engage one-on-one with attractive exhibitors in looking for candidates with an IT, business/finance or engineering background.

2 GTW2017 is easy to attend from anywhere in the world, eliminating geographical barriers or the stress of travel to connect with potential employers. From the comfort of your home, simply login on March 30th visit exhibitor booths and connect with company representatives and other participants.

3 Don’t have a dream employer in mind? At GTW2017 you will exposed to a variety of organisations – maybe you will find the one? Moreover, the online platform is a unique way to connect with several companies at once, in order to increase your reach and visibility within the job market.

4 On the day of the fair, visit the exhibitors online booths and share your CV with companies such as KPMG, Gjensidige, Statens Vegvesen, Tieto and many more. GTW2017 also provides a great opportunity for constructive feedback on your CV from the professional recruiters.

5 GTW2017 is very helpful if you have yet to decide your future career path. Attending GTW2017 gives you the chance to go window shopping for a wide range of different careers, gather useful information and plan future action.

6 At GTW2017 there are few barriers for what you can ask companies about. Attend GTW2017 and get the to chance to ask recruiters about their company and/or roles which you cannot find the answer to on their website. What does the recruiter look for in their ideal candidate? What would you be doing if you joined them in a particular role? Do they provide professional training and will this lead to career progression in the future? Gathering information such as this is a vital step if you need to make progress towards a career decision.

7 GTW2017 will update you on the current opportunities in the job market. Whether you are looking for a full-time job, an internship and/or a graduate job, GTW2017 is a great opportunity to explore all types of jobs available.

Did I mention? Its free!

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