About Global Talent Week

Vision and Values

Inspired by the Olympic Games and the enthusiasm it sparks amongst talents from all over the world, we organized the first Global Talent Week in 2013. Our vision was to create an arena that both encourages a mutual competition for work and for talents, and at the same time promotes global friendships and respect.

Global Talent Week is where global talents, global employers, and global mobility professionals meet to promote global career opportunities and share global mobility best practices.

We have a Nordic base, and a global outlook.

Partners and Friends

Global Talent Week works with a large number of Partners and Friends, who share our values and vision. These include student and Alumni organizations, professional services firms, universities and cities. We also work closely with both ambassadors who help promote the events at their university and in their network. If you or your organization would like to be involved, send us an email: contact@globaltalentweek.com

Meet the Global Talent Week Team

Our Partners