Welcome to Global Talent Week 2017!

Global Talent Week (GTW) is where global talents, global employers, and global mobility professionals meet to promote global career opportunities and share global mobility best practices.

The first edition was organized in 2011 and had 150 participants. In 2015 over 6000 signed up for GTW, and our latest edition was held in the last week of March and the first week of April 2016. Check out our program for the details, and make sure to register to secure your space.

Global Talent Week Schedule will be announced soon.

March 30th: Global Talent Online Career Fair

The online career fair connects talents and employers. Participants have, or are currently enrolled in, a higher education (Bachelor, Master, and PhD) in engineering, IT, mathematics and natural sciences, business and management, and humanities. Exhibitors are primarily looking for individuals with an IT, business or engineering background. From 8:30am-1:30pm we offer an exclusive (by invitation only) top talent event in collaboration with NOVA, where talents and company representatives meet in a speed-date format. From 2pm-10pm we host offer our traditional online fair, where talents and company representatives can connect more informally. We focus on talents in the Nordic region, but also encourage talents from around the world to register. If you have not already received an invitation from an exhibitor or one of our Partners, you can send us a request to participate based on availability.

April 5th: Global Mobility Forum – Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen in collaboration with KPMG

Global Mobility Forum is the largest global mobility conference in the Nordics. The conference’s role is to address challenges and opportunities associated with global talent and expat mobility. Based on the idea of talent exchange, benefiting both host and home country and contributing to global growth and innovation, we aim to inspire change and to facilitate the sharing of best practice.

How to Get Involved

For students, graduates, and professionals: you can register and join the Online Career Fair. Register here!

For companies, you can be an exhibitor at our Online Career Fair. Contact us for more info.

Professionals working in the field of expat mobility and relocation, and anyone interested in global mobility, talent attraction and retention are welcome to join the Global Mobility Forum.

We welcome students and graduates to become GTW Ambassadors. Contact us for more info.